After a fruitful open call and a very rewarding editorial process, we are very excited to announce the release of the eighth number of our magazine! 

You will read in this issue twelve articles which the editorial team has selected for publication. In the Domestic section, you will notice that civil and commercial matters remain a central area of focus for law students, treating topics such as the abusive clauses in consumer contracts, or the institution of trust in Romania seen as a way to avoid insolvency. However, criminal law has not been neglected either: two other articles, about media coverage in preventive arrest proceedings, and the crime of omission in Romania exhibit the legal framework designed by the current legal provisions regulating these matters, pointing out potential problems which may arise.

The Reflections section approaches hot constitutional law topics such as whether the parliamentary immunity represents a threat to democracy, or why legislating with two-thirds majority may not be a desirable policy decision, the authors comparing here three different legal experiences: France, Spain, and Hungary. This issue also contains the second part of the article ‘Beyond Tort Reform: Some Policy Alternatives to Fight Defensive Medicine’ written by our guest, Ary Ferreira da Cunha, which was introduced in our previous issue, in December.

The articles in the International section explore several topics focused mostly on the European Union framework and legislation. Challenging matters such as the leniency policy of the EU, the new EU Regulation on Inheritance Law, or the quest to find the right balance between protecting competition on the market and preserving consumer’s interests have been chosen by this issue’s authors as a point of analysis. Public international law remains as well a field preferred by law students, this issue offering a read about Iraq and the implementation of the right to liberty and security.

This issue’s Interview section features an exclusive interview with Elena Virginia Botezan, currently a judge at the Cluj Court of Appeal and former Chief Prosecutor at the National Anticorruption Department (NAD) Cluj. With regards to our most interactive rubric, Question of the Issue, this edition brings together both students and experienced lawyers, who present some of the obstacles and challenges they had to face during their law studies and legal career, whilst exposing the solutions found to overcome them.

The Devil’s Advocate section continues our regular series of debates with the arguments of two outstanding LLM students from the Central European University in Budapest, analysing whether the prevalence of the ‘piercing the corporate veil’ doctrine benefits limited liability corporations.

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