Master in European Business Law - Lund University

This Master provides an in-depth understanding of both the practical and the theoretical aspects of business law within the European Union and of how the Internal Market operates in a global context. Students will also acquire knowledge in EU constitutional law as a necessary basis for the understanding of European business law. The programme ranges from a basic exploration of the European Union’s constitutional foundations to extensive study of topics central to the business environment or to economic analysis. 

Master in International Human Rights Law - Lund University

Human rights are a growing sector in law creating opportunities for legal expertise across international institutions, domestic authorities, law firms and academia worldwide. The Master's Programme in International Human Rights Law at the Faculty of Law in Lund has as an ambition to equip an elite cadre of globally recruited students with the skills, insights and theories needed to excel in this sector.

LL.M in European Economic Law Stockholm University 

The master programme in European Economic Law (EEL) is an internationally renowned legal degree with a twenty-year history and teaching staff that includes former judges and present members of the EU Court, as well as reputed academics and practitioners in the field. The focus of study is on the law of the EU Internal Market, which is at the core of the European integration project.  At the same time the interplay between constitutional and economic law is emphasized and studied. European legal methods are practiced through participation in an EU moot court and through interactive seminars and research workshops.

LL.M in European Intellectual Property Stockholm University 

Intellectual property (IP) law has historically been an international discipline and an area of interest to EU law with both regulations having unitary effect and harmonising directives to be implemented in national law. Areas such as design rights, geographical quality indications, plant rights and trademarks presently belong to the EU unitary system and so do patents from 2015. 

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