Enforcement of judgment (Ro.: executare silită, De.: ~e Zwangsvollstreckung, Fr.: exécution forcée, n.f., Gr.: εκτέλεση δικαστικής απόφασης, Cz.: výkon rozsudku) (See also: compulsory enforcement, enforcement of a ruling, forced execution, forcible execution, foreclosure, writ, writ of execution) = a set of remedies to which a creditor is entitled to, after  getting a judgment order, in order for him or her to execute the rights derived from the judgment.


Useful links

Legislation - Enforcement of Judgments Act, Marshall Islands Revised Code 2004 [English] - Romanian Code of Civil Procedure, Art. 622-913 [Romanian] - California Code Title 9: Enforcement of Judgments [English] - Administrative Penal Act 1991, Austria [German and English] - Jurisdiction of Courts and Enforcement of Judgments Act, 1998, Ireland [English] - The Enforcement Code, Sweden, 1981 [English] – Law on Judicial Enforcement, Ukraine [English] - Tribunals, Courts and Enforcement Act 2007, UK [English]

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By Alexandru Coraș