What is Corporate Social Responsibility?

As the field of human rights develops, wideness and increases in importance, it influences and also it intertwines with the corporations and business world. Therefore, the concept of corporate social responsibility has developed. We shall start by defining this term.


As a source of unlimited fascination due to its topics, forensic science has a significant place in the legal system of every country in the world and an irreplaceable influence upon criminal investigations. This study is designed according to a twin approach in view: a scientific approach towards the characteristics of handwriting on the one hand, and a practical view centred on the graphic elements – which are subjects to graphoscopic examination – on the other. The main points of interest to be discussed in the following article are: the difference between graphology and graphoscopy; the scientific basis of identifying an individual based on his handwriting; the handwriting’s individuality, relative stability, reactivity and naturalness, along with its general and special features; and also the means of falsification. 


It is common knowledge that in our national field regarding cyberspace, the harmonisation of laws concerning The Domain Name System represents a serious issue, as there is a lack of effectiveness in what concerns the legislation ought to protect intellectual property. 

A slight glimpse back to the origins of the internet depicts a common use of the internet – communication. Although the purpose was different (easy communication as a way to protect from Russian threats), the main reason represents the need of facilitating sending and receiving information.


In this article, we try to see how, relating to maybe the one of the most eye-catching ongoing war, the one fought in the Donbass region of Ukraine (also called the War in Ukraine or War in Eastern Ukraine), the parts of the war, Russia and of course Ukraine each justified their reasons of entering and continuing the conflict. The reason for this approach does not have any political aspect or message, the viable reason of our analysis is the proximity of the authors to the conflict and the easy access to an extended bibliography. We will watch closely how their reasoning of engaging into this war relate and match to a philosophical, international, and an Eastern European (more specifically, Romanian, the reasons being the originating country of the authors and the second one being the vicinity the country has with the conflict) view of a just war. Additionally, we will try as objectively as possible to compare those reasons to a benchmark of just motives to go and continue a war which we have analysed. Moreover, we will try to emphasize also the adjacent problems and implications this comparison might predict for the future.


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