Senior Editor 

LLB in Law

Babes-Bolyai University, Romania


Oana has always dreamed of working on a publication. Therefore, she took this opportunity to join the team.  The other reason for joining was the fact that the project is focused on LAW, something Oana is very passionate about.

As for Oana’s future plans, she would like to become a lawyer and a mediator. Since she believes the latter is not very known or used in Romania, she wants to change this situation. She considers that, if possible, a conflict should be avoided and whatever legal matter there is, it should be solved in a more pleasant way. In Oana’s opinion, a lawsuit can sometimes bring out the worst of people, which makes us forget that the true purpose of law is to keep the order and not make things worse.

Oana’s hobbies are quite diverse, but the main ones are reading, writing, drawing and learning about Asian cultures.

She believes that we should learn from the past and make a better future, without forgetting to live the present being "in omnia paratus".



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