is happy to announce the successful completion of its brand new Summer Schools Project!

You will find all the relevant information in our Summer Schools rubric. If you are still looking for a productive way to spend the summer, do not worry: in this article, we have compiled a list of all the programmes with open deadlines for you to choose from!

After three months of research and writing, our legal researchers Daniela Toma and Vasiliki Fasoula completed all the Summer School articles. The aim was to give our readers valuable information on law-related summer courses all over Europe. Our articles were specifically designed to bring into focus the most important aspects of each summer school, including their academic content, tuition fees, accommodation information, application deadlines and documents.

We are hoping that this will become a permanent rubric, bringing updates about summer schools to our readers yearly. As you know, one of's goals is to help law students enhance their knowledge and develop their career plans, and we are going to contribute to that in any way we can!

For those of you who are still making summer plans, we have gathered those programmes that still accept applications:

“Global Challenges from the Local Perspective” Summer School: This summer school programme aims to help students and graduates improve their knowledge in the fields of political science, economics, social geography, management, media and their cultural knowledge of the country, to give students an experience of life in a foreign country that can be invaluable later in life. You can apply by June 15, 2017.

AUTh Summer School on Financial Crime, Corruption and Money Laundering: The programme offers an intensive 8-day summer school on Financial Crime, Corruption and Money Laundering at a national and international level for participants who wish to advance their knowledge in this field. Apply before June 15, 2017.

University of Eastern Finland Summer School on Food Law and Policy: This training course is an excellent opportunity to experience an innovative and international learning environment while creating new networks with your fellow students. Apply before June 15, 2017!

Global Law and Governance Summer School: This is not a traditional summer school with introductory courses in different areas of law or social science. Instead, it operates as a research-led teaching Academy, providing professors the opportunity to share their most recent research with a selected group of students, through lectures, seminars and mini-colloquia. Apply before June 30, 2017!

Companies Crossing Borders Summer School: Participants will have the opportunity to tackle legal issues related to transnational companies and acquire practical knowledge through interactive, small group-oriented modules. EU applicants can apply by July 1, 2017.

LUISS Rome European and Comparative Company Law: Capital Markets Summer School: The School is designed for those candidates who intend to acquire an in-depth knowledge of the most up-to-date issues in (EU) corporate and capital market law and aspire to develop an international career in this domain. Make sure to apply before July 3, 2017!

ELTE Budapest Summer University - Transnational aspects of law:  This summer university comprises several interdisciplinary courses for students interested in law, cultural studies, special education, psychology, social sciences and related fields. You can still apply by July 20, 2017 if you do not need a visa to travel to Hungary.

University of Reims-France - Wine Law in the EU: The Program will focus on Trademarks & Geographical Indications for Wines & Spirits - European, International and Comparative Aspects. The dates for this summer school have been updated; as a result, you can still apply by September 22, 2017 for the early bird fee.

You can browse all summer schools here, and as always keep an eye out for the regularly updated Opportunities and Masters Abroad rubrics for more exciting opportunities for law students. And do not forget: a new issue of with opportunities, updates and your very own articles on legal issues of domestic and international interest is on the way!

Have a productive summer and happy Lawyr-ing!

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